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Neighborhood Engagement

Do you really know the neighborhood?

Have you engaged them before dropping full-blown plans in front of them? Do you know who the influencers are? Do these influencers really represent the entire community?

Elettore has been on all sides of neighborhood engagement. We have been champions for neighborhood change. We have developed written plans for neighborhood economic transformation. We have served on quasi-judicial municipal boards that use the law to moderate different interests. We have engaged elected officials for ... and against ... issues affecting neighborhoods.

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We have a saying at Elettore: "Just because you're right doesn't mean it's the right thing to do."

Elettore has reached past human gatekeepers and gotten to the common concerns of the majority of stakeholders. We have focused on inclusion rather than ego. We understand the "little guy" who feels overpowered by "the machine" ... and yet we understand that people in fear can unjustifiably vilify any outside presence.

Our clients in neighborhood engagement have ranged from real estate developers, to elected officials, to municipalities, to non-profit organizations.

The neighborhoods we have worked with on behalf of our clients have almost always been deliberately disenfranchised, voiceless, burned by previous experience, or felt entitled in some magical-thinking way.

The tools we have used include creative solutions outside of everyone's previous thinking, a focus on inclusivity, one-one-one interviews, in-the-trenches leadership, web-based applications ... and keeping pride intact.