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Constituent Communications

There was a time when a quarterly, direct mail newsletter or annual report were enough.

But, between corporate and political corruption and the exponential social impact of the Internet, messages pushed by print and postage might as well be cave drawings.

Since 2000, Elettore has used written and graphic web communications to persuade, inform, engage ... and even rile up constituents.

Event planning


It is impossible to engage in dialogue with every constituent. Effective websites, enewsletters, and social media can create relay agents for your message. These communication channels can also create advocates for the fact that you regularly communicate ... an important tenet of transparency.

Whether you want your followers to show up, take action, vote, be informed, care, grow in size, or come away with the exact impression you want them to carry, Elettore has valuable experience in web-based communications.

Our clients in constituent communication have included: local, state, and national political candidates and officer holders; special events; state and municipal referenda; corporations; and non-profit cultural and social service organizations.

The constituents we have worked with on behalf of our clients have been patrons, supporters, registered voters,residents, elected officials, traditional media, and ticket holders.

The tools we have used include website development and design, website management, content creation, social media, enewsletters, blogs, online training ... and even aerial video.