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Community Strategies

Community strategies can take many forms and cover a broad range of activities.

By first gaining an understanding of the community you wish to reach, Elettore helps community stakeholders address their needs and goals within the framework of your needs and goals.

Cynics say, "Consensus means everyone loses."

We just smile. We know better.

Event planning


Perhaps an uncomfortable moment surfaces between you and a group you wish to engage. You have no legal or financial leverage with this group but everything tells you that you are at a critical juncture.

Elettore has immersed itself into these scenarios many times. At a point when clients want to throw their hands up and walk away – or bulldoze forward in spite of potential collateral community damage – we have formed coalitions and found other positive outcomes.

We are not mediators ... although we have at time utilized them on our team. Instead, we think of ourselves as facilitators for practical solutions that can advance everyone's needs.

Sometimes, clients have hired us to gather information and recommend a path of action ... community audits if you will.

Our clients in community strategies have ranged from Fortune 500 companies to pop-up causes.

The communities we have worked with on behalf of our clients have included groups of former employees, elected officials, organizational boards of directors, and pockets of under-informed voters.

The tools we have used include web-based applications, face-to-face meetings, shoe leather, persistent communication ... and a whole lot of flip chart paper.