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Our Approach

We've enjoyed the successes we have because we apply an approach that's not commonly used these days: Elettore helps you advance your agenda through a collaborative and positive campaign.

That means the meetings we facilitate involve a lot of listening and sensing of what those you want to persuade are saying. At the same time, we minimize and neutralize the negative or controlling voices in the room. For they often inhibit the process more than they help.

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We challenge those who are cynical of your approach to suit up and make suggestions that will turn them into forces for positive outcomes.

We also produce only Web communication that inspires, advances a positive vision or rewards people for efforts that advance the cause. We do not produce communication that is critical, makes personal attacks or promotes discriminatory ideas or behaviors.

Many organizations build an agenda from a small corps of decision-makers who resemble and think like themselves. Elettore helps you advance your agenda by recruiting a diverse group of people to help build it.

Nothing cripples a project more than mind-numbing bureaucracy, "mission creep," or rigid gatekeepers. Elettore produces excellent and creative work quickly. We build into the workflow certain processes (like a single point of contact and shortened approval cycles) that help your organization move forward in a wise but fleet way.